There are two principles driving all that we do here at MBA Building Supplies, the principle we were founded on over three decades ago – providing outstanding customer service and providing products that meet or exceed all industry standards for quality.

Since 1986, we’ve worked to ensure that our light-gauge metal framing products are reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting. We’re committed to maintaining quality in more than just our products, however; we take steps to ensure that the services you receive while working with MBA are second to none.

Industry Leading Customer Service

At MBA, we’re proud to offer industry-leading, dedicated customer service. This starts with our extensively trained and experienced sales team. Embodying courtesy, respect, and collaboration, our team is dedicated to ensuring all interactions with MBA are not only productive but also enjoyable. Our employees are empowered to make decisions to enable rapid response times and provide support for customer requests.

We also work to maintain superior turnaround time on all orders – including custom orders. We do this by maintaining a manufacturing capacity surplus at each of our facilities, allowing us to quickly and efficiently fulfill new orders. In addition, our locations – Libertyville, Ill.; Rainbow City, Ala.; Frackville, Pa.; and Dallas, Texas – are strategically located to minimize transportation time, allowing for timely and accurate deliveries. In fact, we’re an industry leader in next-day deliveries.

Quality in Products

To offer our customers products that are of consistently high quality, we have several standards in place to help us maintain efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness in everything we do.

First, we employ the most skilled manufacturing personnel in the industry and provide all our employees with training. We maintain state of the art equipment with quick change tooling to allow us to rapidly respond to customer orders with the custom length products that meet their specifications. Our products undergo quality checks before they are loaded onto our trucks. Committed to constant improvement, we frequently update our machinery and processes to better serve our customers. And to facilitate communication and keep in tune with market needs, upper management is heavily involved in all day-to-day operations.

We have also received third-party certification from the Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA), so our customers can feel completely confident in our framing services. Designated framing products are SFIA certified to 2015 International Building Code, AISI S100-12, ISO 17020, and ISO 17025. Check the updated list of Certified Production Facilities at Intertek’s website at

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MBA Building Supplies has spent over 30 years building our business with quality and integrity so that our customers can rely on us and our products. To learn more about our dedication to quality products and customer service, contact us today.