Since 1986, MBA Building Supplies has been manufacturing light-gauge metal framing products for non-structural framing and load bearing applications alike.

We were founded on the principle of providing the highest-quality product and customer service, an ethos we have maintained for 30 years. Committed to the environment and the communities in which we operate, we are always looking for new ways to lessen environmental impact and bolster our green efforts.

Understanding the increasing importance of environmental protections, our MBA Building Supplies team is constantly making strides toward being more green, such as releasing an annual environmental product declaration (EPD) in 2016.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Recycling – a major component of our green initiatives – plays a part in every stage of product life, from raw material sourcing to product end-of-life.

At Our Plants

At each of our plants – Libertyville, IL, Rainbow City, AL, Frackville, PA, and Dallas, TX – we contribute to minimizing wasted materials in two ways.

The first is our custom sizing. MBA offers all of our products in a wide range of sizes, including custom lengths. We do all of our custom size cutting in-house, which goes a long way toward reducing worksite construction waste.

The second is our own recycling efforts. Each of our plants takes great pains to recycle as much of the scrap metal we produce as possible – as a result, our rates often approach 100%.

At End-of-Life

Steel, and all products made from steel – including all MBA metal framing products and accessories – are 100% recyclable.

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Since our founding, MBA Building Supplies has been dedicated to reducing our impact on our communities and the environment, and we continue to strengthen our green initiatives.

To learn more, contact us today or download our 2016 EPD, which conforms to ISO 14025, ISO 14040, ISO 14044, and ISO 21930.