MBA Building Supplies was founded in Libertyville, IL, in 1986. We started out with two simple founding values – producing the highest-quality products possible and providing the best customer service possible. We have upheld those values for 30 years now, making them the cornerstones of our business.

The History of MBA

Ron Segal became CEO of MBA Building Supplies in 1988, just two years after its founding. Under Ron’s leadership, MBA began with a single drywall line and a dedication to quality and service.

In 1991, Ron’s son Scott joined MBA and Scott became CEO of MBA in 1998. Under Scott’s leadership, MBA experienced strong growth built on MBA’s core principles of quality and service. Over the years, MBA expanded by opening three additional production facilities to better serve our customers. MBA opened the Rainbow City, AL, plant in 2005, the Frackville, PA, plant in 2011, and the Dallas, TX, plant in 2014.

Throughout this rapid growth, we have never strayed from our core founding principles and are proud to provide industry-leading products and customer service.

Steel Framing from MBA

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Steel framing was once considered a commodity purchase; but not all steel framing is created equal. MBA manufactures light-gauge steel framing and accessories at or above the industry’s quality standards. We participate in a voluntary third-party quality-control program to demonstrate our commitment to the high standards we have set in manufacturing and service.

Our team manufactures many drywall framing systems and accessories, including extensive lines of drywall and structural studs and track in a wide range of standard and custom sizes. We are a certified vendor of the ProSTUD® and ProTRAK® lines. Our accessories include channels, furring, angles, strapping, and clips in a variety of sizes, suitable for use with many different building materials. We manufacture jamb and header systems and web stiffeners as well. Our full line of products can be found on our products page.

Working with MBA

In addition to providing products of the highest quality, our customer service is unmatched. The staff at MBA have a unique focus on providing our customers with the best service in the industry. This customer service culture permeates our organization from our leadership to our sales staff to our operations and production team.

As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, you can always count on expedient and accurate order fulfillment. At MBA, we take great pride in our ability to fill virtually any order, including custom orders, with accuracy, speed, and convenience. In the building and construction industries, schedules are everything; MBA is here to make sure you meet – and exceed – your goals.

To learn more about MBA Building Supplies or to discuss your light-gauge metal framing needs, contact us today.